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Apex Meat Xtreme Method Mix

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Meat Xtreme Ground Bait / Method Mix has been a massive success with the Barble and Chub anglers using it in their river angling to catch some very impressive fish. It has also been used with great effect on still waters mainly drawing in the Carp but also Bream and Tench, being used on method feeders, in PVA Bags or as a stick mix. This meaty mix is extremely oily and packed full of finely ground meats like Chorizo that pack a spicy punch that fish find very desirable. Also in the mix are fine blood meal pellets that just add to the attraction and due to this and its oiliness, it excretes copious amounts of attraction in your swim. This is why it has become so popular with river and carp anglers due to the attractor signals it gives off and also due to its coarse texture and pungent smell.

2kg bag