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15mm Banoffee Wafters 20pk

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Fishing Bait Warehouse Banoffee wafters come in a lovely off-yellow colour with a rich banana and toffee flavour that smells so creamy and sweet. These wafters offer more attractors than pop-ups as they are made using some of the Banoffee base mix with added attractors. Wafters are an ideal hook bait to use against a standard bottom bait as the ingress of water will make a standard bottom bait break down quicker allowing smaller fish to peck at it and eventually take it off the hair.

Please note that we do not use synthetic dyes only water-soluble dyes so hook baits may look more washed out over a long period of time but water-soluble dyes are far better for the fish and the environment and who doesn't like a washed-out bait.