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Apex Maple Maize Spod Mix (5kg-20kg)

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£7.99 - £19.99
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Apex Baits High Protein Maple Maize Spod Mix is mixed with all the top quality ingredients and is cooked fresh. In the cooking process, the mix is boiled and then left to simmer down to release all the goodness making it a sticky, gooey mix that that carp love. Within the mix you will find you will fine maples and maize that makes great hook baits. This mix is not only a great high quality spod mix but is also perfect for using with a bait boat. At Apex baits we pride our self’s on making small batches more often so we know you will always be getting a bait that’s as fresh as possible. Also we never use the, That will do approach, if its not to our high standards after cooking, it will hit the bin

Please Note; There is no added preservatives or artificial ingredients added into our Spod Mix just top quality ingredients, so it isn’t shelf life and will come frozen

Delivery Note: No frozen bait will be sent out on a Friday because its on a next working day delivery, you wont receive it until the Monday and it will have defrosted by then.