Premium Tiger Nuts 1kg
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Premium Large Tiger Nuts for fishing bait
Tiger Nuts are among the most popular particle bait for catching carp, due to their crunchy texture and sweet taste they are almost irresistible to carp! Highly effective when used as a single hookbait or can be mixed with particles and boilies/pellets as loose feed. Don't feed too many as they can quickly fill fish up! a hand full of our Premium Tiger Nuts into a kilo of particle/boilie mix will be perfect!
PLEASE NOTE -  Tiger Nuts MUST be prepared before use as they can be deadly to fish if not prepared correctly, soak the Tiger Nuts for a minimum of 24 hours and then boil for around 30 minutes Once boiled they can be used straight away, alternatively you can leave the Tiger Nuts in an air tight bucket/bag where after a few days the natural sugars will start to ferment, the water will turn into a thick, sweet, slimy syrup, some people say this is when they are the most effective.
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