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Mixed Pellets

FishingPellets.com Mixed Pellets are a selection of mixed sinking pellets.
This mix contains a selection of high & low oil pellets, a fast & slow breakdown mix that can be used as a scatter feed as well as pva bags & ground baits, the mix contains a selection of 2-16mm pellets in various varieties.
FishingPellets.com Mixed Pellets are available in 1kg, 5kg & 20kg Bags.
This mix contains a selection of the following,
Liver Pellets, Hemp Pellets, Linseed Pellets, Bloodworm Pellets, Halibut Pellets, Krill Pellets, Coarse Pellets, Green Feed Pellets
Mixed Pellets
spod & pva bag pellet mix (1kg-20kg)
Introducing our Spod & PVA Bag Pellet Mix featurin
premium mixed pellets 1kg
A complete food pellet mix, suitable for attractin