Fishing Team

Welcome to our Fishing Fishing Team Page.
Here you will see the current Fishing team members, what makes them who they are, what drives them to be on the bank come rain or shine...
You will also learn a little about them, their techniques & their catches.

If you would like to join the team, please message us with some info & catch reports.

Sam Margetson
Joined the team in June 2018
My name is Sam Margetson, I am 17 years old and have been fishing since I was 6 years. The first I ever remember catching was a little carp while float fishing which instantly got me hooked into the sport. Since then I have been an all round angler, however the last 2 or 3 years I have been mostly targeting carp. I fish a variety of waters, from syndicates to club waters and day ticket lakes.

My PB's are mirror carp of 32lb 10oz, common carp of 23lb 9oz, tench of 6lb 4oz and bream to 10lb.

I chose to fish with fishing because of the wide variety of pellets you can get, and because how only natural and only the best ingredients are used.
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Marek Filipiuk
Joined the team Aug 2019
I have been in love with fishing since I was 8, and have dedicated alot of my free time to learning and mastering techniques. I love to fish for anything that swims 😊 but I mainly fish for carp, and my favourite way to fish is off the surface.
I have been fishing France for the last 12 years (Gigantica, Crete Lakes & many others) my biggest carp from France was a 51lb 6oz mirror from Crete Lakes.
I was lucky enough to get a job here at the HQ in August where I dispatch orders and help develop new products. My favourite baits to use are our Groundbaits usually mixed with the mixed micro, I also love using simple floating pellets doused in salmon oil.

My UK PBs are - - common 28lb 8oz - - Mirror 28lb 2oz - - Barbel 12lb 6oz - -
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Glen Tuck
Joined the team Aug 2019

My name is Glen Tuck, I am 49 years old and I have been fishing since I was 7 years old, the first time I went fishing on a local lake I caught some very big Roach while float fishing and have been hooked on the sport ever since.
I am an all round angler and fish a number of waters from linear fisheries, Drayton Reservoir, Taswood lakes, Catch 22 and club waters, I also like to spend some time fishing on the Norfolk Broads.

My PB's are - - Mirror Carp  27lb 8oz - - Tench  7lb 8oz - - Pike  28lb 8oz - - Bream 9lb 8oz - 
                        - Roach 2lb 14oz -
My decision to fish with was down to the wide variety of not only pellets but the selection of other feeds like groundbaits, particles and oils.
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Ian Margetson
Joined the team Aug 2019
I am 48 years old and have been fishing for around 30 years, I have fished a mixture of club, syndicate and day ticket waters.
I've predominantly been a carp angler for the past 15 years but I still enjoy catching any species especially Tench, although I can never leave my passion for Catfishing alone, which I am now concentrating on more.

My PB's are  - - Catfish  71lb - - Carp  33lb 4oz - - Tench  7lb 15oz - - Bream  12lb 1oz - -

When my son Sam joined the team he seemed to start outfishing me which I simply couldn't allow smiley  I really enjoy the selection of quality pellets and other baits and oils.



Adam Ulph, 36
Joined the team October 2019

After a long break away from the sport I began fishing again a couple of years ago and quickly remembered why I loved it! especially carp fishing.
I mainly fish a few club lakes and day ticket lakes around Norfolk. My fishing consists usually of short sessions of a few hours at a time and the occassional overnighter.
I'm a fan of, I mainly use thier coarse pellets and Mixed Micro Pellets as loose feed and in solid PVA bags.
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My Carp PB is currently - - 16lb 02

Jake Roper (Jakey), 27
Joined the team Dec 2019

I have been coarse fishing since the age of 7, I started on a telescopic whip with my first ever catch being a perch. I've been dedicated to carp only angling since the end of 2018, but I'm now fully hooked and dedicated to progress. I've mainly fished local pools to gain techniques and knowledge this year but I've started hitting bigger places recently with great success.
I love night fishing with a passion but also love to get down the lake during the day when I can.
I decided to fish for because they offer a wide variety of classic and natural baits and feeds that are available to all anglers, I also like the fact they treat their team members properly.

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My Current carp PB is - - 20lb


Paul Shaw
Joined the team Jan 2020
I started Fishing at the age of 5 on the Leeds Liverpool canal and have been hooked ever since, during my time in the sport my attention has shifted to many different aspects. At 12 I started pursuing carp and I loved every minute of it but as time went on my attention turned to fly fishing and this took up most of my time for the next 20 years. In this time I represented England 3 times in the Loch Style Internationals being very successful winning 1 team Gold and 2 team Silvers along with the top individual spot in 2010. Having achieved my goal in fly fishing and with family life changing my attention slowly drifted back to carp fishing and I have been chasing them for the last 5 years now.
I have used several products with great results and I love the large range of pellets and oils they offer and I feel these certainly give me a nice edge.
I regularly fish my syndicate water in Cambs along with annual trips to France,

My PBs are -- French Common 52lb 8oz -- UK Common 32lb 4oz -- French Mirror 48lb 12oz -- UK Mirror  50lb 8oz

Bren Rob
Joined the team Feb 2020
I have fished from a young age with my dad but it wasn't until I was in my mid twenties that I really got hoked on carp angling. It's my hobby but also my therapy away from my crazy family of 6. I do also love taking my boys down the lake, my 11 year old son is a carper in the making! My 2 & 3 year olds just love spending time outside watching me land fish and even my 9 year old daughter likes to escapeto the lake every now and again.

My current carp PB is - - 31lb 11oz


Declan Leigh
Joined the team July 2020
It all started when I was about 10 and a friend took me fishing with his family, after I caught my first fish (roach) the bug kicked in. I love to fish all kinds of species but I mainly target Carp & Catfish using either the KD rig or Combi as these always give me good results. Taswood lake is my local venue so I would spend all my free time down there perfecting my techniques and fine tuning my rigs. As time has gone on my understanding and knowledge of the sport has grown and so has my love for it!
I wanted to join the team as there products have given me some beautiful results and I would never go through another bait company for my pellets and oils again.

My PB's are UK Carp - 22.04lbs - - - French Catfish - 43lbs