Black Soldier Fly Powder
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High quality, sustainably sourced insect protein,
This high quality insect powder is created from Black Soldier Fly Larvae using a patented extraction process that does not require any artificial solvents, making it a natural, environmentally friendly protein source. It is a superb product to get in your tackle box as it has many amazing uses including:
  • Ground baits
  • Perfect as a main protein source in Homemade Boilies
  • Great to dust over pellets or boilies that have been glugged
This powder is packed full of high-quality amino acids, lipids and micro nutrients that fish will naturally seek out, giving you the natural edge! This insect powder is already used successfully in aquaculture: from early stage (hatcheries) to high protein growth diets for Salmon, Trout, Carp, and others, meaning its been tested and approved by high end hatcheries and growers due to its high palatability. 
With this high quality powder available at this low price, now is the best time to try natural bait for yourself!
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