14mm Insect Coated Drilled Pellets
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14mm Drilled Halibut Pellets Coated in 100% Natura
You are buying a revolutionary new hookbait 
Insect Coated Drilled PelletsThese pre-drilled pellets have a slow breakdown time of around 8-24hrs, the insect coating will start to soften within 5 mins of entering the water, the coating will then release over a period of around an hour, leaving a carpet of insect particles around the hookbait.
These pellets are Drilled Halibut Pellets, however, during the coating process, the holes will get covered with the insect particles, you will need to simply push a baiting needle through the hole to re-open them

These are available in 3 sizes,
8mm - Perfect for Match Fishing
14mm - Perfect for Carp, Tench & Barbel Fishing
20mm - Perfect for Carp, Tench, Barbel or Catfish Fishing

For the small hookbaits you will receive around 100 hookbaits, for the medium, you will receive around 50 hookbaits & the Large around 20 Hookbaits

The Insect Coating is as follows
Silkworm Pupae, River Shrimp, Maggot, River Shrimp
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